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Serving the River Valley & Surrounding Areas

Restore Your Hearing. Change Your Life.

At Beltone, we can enhance your hearing and help you to experience the sounds of life you’ve always loved – birds, laughter, clear conversation - with custom hearing solutions designed around you. Here, you’ll get access to the most modern hearing technology and devices, as well as the top certified doctors of audiology, to guide you through your personal journey from start to finish.


Not only do we offer the local superior assistance you need for improved hearing, but the expert services as well. Ear cleanings, hearing tests, custom molds for hearing aids – Beltone gives you every advantage possible when regaining your sense of hearing by putting all of our resources at your fingertips.


Our friendly staff will show you how to clean and care for everything to prolong the life of your devices, teach you how to operate all of your equipment to optimize performance, and give you the overall hearing experience you deserve.   


Call Beltone Hearing to get more information on our services, or to schedule your next appointment, at 479-782-5858.

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